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rachelvanbora asked: In the National Video Archives of Performance they apparently not only have Boeing, Boeing, but also Aladdin and Democracy. Hooray! But, according to the webpage, they can be accessed by "individual researchers by appointment". Has anyone tried this? "Individual researcher" probably means person affliated with some official research project, right? thanks Rachel


The V&A’s wonderful archive is available to anyone for free, but you need to book 2 weeks in advance. They also does screenings, so keep an eye out for those!

Plays available

Boeing Boeing
The Cherry Orchard
The Importance of Being Ernest
Democracy (also available at the National Theatre Archive)

To contact them, e-mail tmenquiries@vam.ac.uk with the name, the year of the play and its code: e.g.: “Video 05/01/A/9000 Aladdin.” Find the codes and the list here.

If you are attending for the first time, you will need to register for a free Reader’s Pass Don’t forget to take your temporary Reader’s number, personal identification and proof of address the first time you go to the V&A Archives.

How to get there
Blythe House (Gate B)
23 Blythe Road
W14 0QX

Public transport
Tube station: Kensington
Overground: Kensington (Olympia)

Thank you pudu!

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Do you know nothing of Javert? Well then, let me educate you:

  • His name’s Javert (do not forget his name- particularly if you’re a convict. Particularly particularly if the number ‘24601’ is somehow relevant to you)
  • If your name happens to be Valjean, he’ll want you to wear chains (perhaps he thinks they look fetching? Who can tell)
  • Is not mad (no matter what you think / even if there appears to be evidence to the contrary)
  • Hunted a bloke for years (that’s dedication- to the police force, of course- for you… remember, he’s absolutely not mad)
  • Really doesn’t like change (refuses to admit to this being a thing that happens)
  • His duty’s to the law (important to remember)
  • You have no rights (also important to remember- don’t you dare speak to him of crime)
  • Was born inside a jail (‘institutionalised’ doesn’t even begin to cover it… but he’s absolutely not mad! Not at all!)
  • Was born with scum like you (yes, you)
  • Is from the gutter, too (but, in a way that Oscar Wilde would have found very pleasing- probably- is very, very much looking at the stars. In their multitudes. Scarce to be counted. Filling the darkness. WITH ORDER AND LIIIIGHT… Ahem)
  • Wherever you may hide away he’ll be there (not in a stalkerish way or anything, he’s just a bit clingy)
  • He doesn’t yield (‘stubborn’ doesn’t even begin to cover it)
  • His is the way of the Lord (he’s on the path of the righteous, and he’ll have his reward)
  • Will nip revolution in the bud (keep him well away from the works of Karl Marx)
  • Fancies himself as quite the spy (but isn’t hugely effective, what with having been a quite well known police man and all)

Important notes for care and maintenance of your Javert:

  • If he’s caught in a trap, don’t let him go free (it seems counter-intuative, I know, but to do anything else will cause something of an existential crisis)
  • If you happen to know any thieves, don’t let him be in debt to them (in fact, best keep him away from thieves altogether. Particularly those who might have been involved with bakery related crimes)
  • Most important of all, keep him well, well away from bridges

I hope this was informative for you. All images are of the original London cast of Les Miserables with the redoubtable Roger Allam as the Inspector in question.

Very funny!

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Roger Allam on Daybreak



Once again, fingers crossed that this works.


I didn’t think I could love this man more but…”I make a very convincing drag queen though!” with a big huge grin on his face might just have done it.

Apologies for not having the know how to do screen caps.

"I’d drop everything,* except of course … …"

*To do more ‘Thick of It’

Lovely interview - please, please can someone Youtube this.

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